Just Passing By

Hello if you’re just passing by! Why not stay a while and find out more about “The Red Shoes”, the latest performance from norfox Young People’s Theatre at the Library Theatre. We’d love to hear what you think of this site and our show so comment away! We promise we’ll try and answer any questions you’ve got about our show as soon as we can!



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2 responses to “Just Passing By

  1. Aunty Doreen

    I wanted to treat my nieces to Red Shoes, I only got my mailing of the Autumn programme in the post on Saturday 28th June. Today Sunday 29th I found there are only the back three rows left for the Sat performance. . How come? Has the company producing the play (Norfolk) got some kind of priority booking rights. Very disappointed.

    • ltceducation

      Don’t panic! There are still plenty of tickets left for the performances! Did you try to book online? Sometimes the online booking system only offers a selection of tickets so makes it look like there are no tickets left – though of course we would love a sold out show!

      If you ring the theatre box office on 0161 236 7110 they will be able to let you know everything that is left for the show. Look forward to seeing you and your nieces in August.

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