Here’s The Plan…

The rehearsals of “The Red Shoes” start on Wednesday with our first read through as a cast so now everyday our performances feel closer and closer. Scary but very exciting too! Up until now it’s all been a little quiet on this site but now things are going to start getting busy. We’ll try to blog everyday from now on and you should keep checking back for pictures of the show and our video diary to keep you updated with things as they happen. We’re really looking forward to getting started and hope you’ll enjoy this way of keeping in touch with the process until we see you at the theatre for the big show on the 7th August or 8th August. And if there’s anything you want to know about what we’re doing just ask and we’ll try and put the answer up here.

We’ve got no video of our own at the moment so we’ve added this link instead to give you a taster of where we’ve found inspirarion for our own show.



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3 responses to “Here’s The Plan…

  1. David

    Ah, one of my favourite films of all time with a fantastic score. Great inspiration.

  2. Laki

    I enjoy watching this film over and over!
    Well not too much… 😛
    Great film though! 😀

  3. Iimaan

    I agree, it’s brilliant!
    Johnny Depp, as usual, is great in this film

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