Rehearsals – Day 3 – Costume Fittings

Lara Booth, designer, talks about the process she has been through to create the magical world of The Red Shoes


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Rehearsals – Day 1

Ever wondered how actors feel on the first day of rehearsals for a new show? Find out here from cast members of The Red Shoes.

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Everyone’s Got to Start Somewhere…

hans-christian-andersenWe’ve based our production of “The Red Shoes” on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen (the guy in the photo with the rather impressive top hat). If you follow this link you’ll find the original story from 1845 that we have used as a starting point. Have a read and see what you think. We would be really interested to hear what you think the story is about. What do you like about it? What don’t you like? We’d also be really interested to see which aspect of the story you’d choose to focus on if you were going to put it on stage like we are. Get commenting now! We go into the rehearsal room on Monday and it will be good to have as many ideas in the pot to help inspire the piece of theatre that we are going to create.


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Here’s The Plan…

The rehearsals of “The Red Shoes” start on Wednesday with our first read through as a cast so now everyday our performances feel closer and closer. Scary but very exciting too! Up until now it’s all been a little quiet on this site but now things are going to start getting busy. We’ll try to blog everyday from now on and you should keep checking back for pictures of the show and our video diary to keep you updated with things as they happen. We’re really looking forward to getting started and hope you’ll enjoy this way of keeping in touch with the process until we see you at the theatre for the big show on the 7th August or 8th August. And if there’s anything you want to know about what we’re doing just ask and we’ll try and put the answer up here.

We’ve got no video of our own at the moment so we’ve added this link instead to give you a taster of where we’ve found inspirarion for our own show.


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The Red Shoes – Korean Style

When we’re creating a new show we always do loads of research to find as much inspiration as possible for our own piece of work. Lara, who is the designer for “The Red Shoes” discovered this amazing South Korean version of the story on You Tube. I promise our version of the play won’t be this scary but the film contains piles of beautiful imagry that has definitely influenced the design that Lara has created for our production. Tasters for the design to follow soon!

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Just Passing By

Hello if you’re just passing by! Why not stay a while and find out more about “The Red Shoes”, the latest performance from norfox Young People’s Theatre at the Library Theatre. We’d love to hear what you think of this site and our show so comment away! We promise we’ll try and answer any questions you’ve got about our show as soon as we can!


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Welcome to the site for “The Red Shoes”; the latest production by the norfox Young People’s Theatre Company.

Based upon the traditional fairy story by Hans Christian Andersen, and directed and adapted by Liz Postlethwaite, this play will take you on a delicious journey where anything is possible and nothing is how it seems. Meet our girl Ana who can’t resist her red shoes. They make her dance with delight. But what happens when she can’t take them off? What happens when she can’t stop dancing?

norfox are the Library Theatre’s own resident company for young people aged 15 – 18, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills as performers within a professional theatre envrionment. This production follows hot on the heels of the highly successful “Fugee” by Abi Morgan, and will be a dark and daring night of theatre for anyone aged 8 and upwards.

Tickets are onsale now on 0161 236 7110 or online

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